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28 July
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"thats the magic carpet ride. it goes woooooosh!" -- Ellen 3/10/05

How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot?
The world forgetting, by the world forgot
Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind
Each prayer accepted and each wish resigned

the days i'll never forget...
4/12/01:: my very 1st wrestling event! (smackdown!)
7/30/02:: my very 1st Raw! the best 1 ever, too!
11/9/02:: talked to trish & victoria outside the arena
2/4/03 :: front row seats to smackdown! i was on telly all night!
4/12/03:: 1st signing ever; met lita!
5/12/03:: Raw! i saw 2 legends right b4 they passed away
9/23/03:: met brock, mysterio, haas, rhyno, benoit & cena. had 1st row ramp seats at Smackdown! and Stephanie McMahon smiled at me & Sable hurd me call her name :D
5/22/04:: met molly & victoria outside the arena
7/20/04:: met john cena & went to an amazing smackdown! John pointed at my sign & Sable looked and winked at me :D AND i saw Vinnie Mac!
7/21/04:: hung out at a signing 2 stare at john cena =P
11/27/04:: Raw house show! I MET LITA!
1/28/05:: Road To Wrestlemania. I met miss jackie!!!!<3
2/22/05:: I met HHH and went to a smackdown.
7/18/05:: met john cena for the 3rd time =)
7/19/05:: live Raw && acted a fool for lita! =D

November 9, 2002
Me: Bye Victoria! I love you!
Victoria: Bye! I love you too!

May 22, 2004
Victoria: *blows kiss* I LOVE YOU!

November 27, 2004
Belinda(fan): Will you marry me?
Lita: "uh, sorry, im already spoken for..."
Lita to ME: I like your shirt!"

<3 January 28, 2005 <3
*miss jackie signs the autographs for me & lauren & then looks up and sees my shirt..*
"omg, i didnt even notice that! Im such a nerd!"
lmao. such a classic! :)

what if i had never let you go?
what if i had never walked away?
cus i still lOve u mOre then i can say,
if we cOuld only turn back time...
but i guess we'll never know