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and ill show u magiccccc [21 Sep 2005|05:23pm]
[ mood | tired ]

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..running thru my head.. [20 Sep 2005|06:20pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

okay so lass night i came downstairs during wrestling && was like "ughh my night is ruined!! cus i didnt see my woman!!" and my mom was like "oh yea did u tell ur dad what you are?"

and i started crackin up.. i came outta the kitchen all serious like "dad.. im bisexual.."

o man it was crazy funny.

and then today my dad && me went to mcdonalds cus i decided to be fat =) and he was like "now what were u saying u were last night?"

i started crackin up.. i was like "..gay.." l0l. and he was like "the one wit the bigg titties?!" omg i started laughin my ass off! hes liek "thats the one u playin wit?" omg it was hilarious! :x

and i jus had a convo with my mom. its so great. im so happy i can be me now && not have to worry about it. cus she was like "So did u decide ur jus gonna be totally gay now?" and i laughed, i didnt really have an answer and then we started talkin about sexx && stuff && she goes "damn u should be a porn star!" l0l she said ima have the best of both worlds :P and she said somethin about me never betraying her again && sharing things with her so i thought about it for a second && said u kno what.. "mom, arent u gonna ask me if i ever liked nebody?" and she said "who do u like?" and so i told her about my crush last year with the infamous senior. and i showed her a picture and everything. aww man it was SO weird sharing that with her.. cus thats been so deep down bottled up inside of me for quite some time.. u kno? but im jus so happy now.. :)

so yea about raw. i barely paid attention cus i was on the computer talking with the amigas. and i was doing so horribly with remote. seriously. id like to say it was me but i dunno the remote was acting up. like i really thought i hit record or pause or stop when most of the time i realized i never did.. hmmm.. and this is my fault on this one but i forgot to record again after the last commericial of carlitos match :( thats dookie.

and lita not being on there? oh gosh. that sucks!! i was so upset! they cant be doing that shit to me!

but i guess seeing all those so sexy girls.. MISS TRISH!.. made up for it.. o. my.god. she is so irresistable! i could jus.. yea.. l0l anyway..

All the things she said jus came on. omg. this song does stuff to me! like hyperness!

omg i am finally HAPPY. yes thats right HAPPY. all because nxt april I my friends am going to North Carolina to spend a week with my bestest friend whom i love with all of my heart && soul!! =) =)

i am so excited. i cant wait. i swear to you. i cant.

so school was interesting. yes. very.

i dun feel like writing nemore. cus i wanna sing! & i cant multitask! =)

l0V3 hUGS && kiSS3S ♥ Xx0o0xX

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im just trying to make .. all my dreams come true .. [19 Sep 2005|02:40pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

okay so ive lacked in entrys these past few days. ill start where i left off && work my way up!

Friday -- football game. we won 31-0. and guess who showed up? margaret. that was interesting. i was with my friend who she like jumped during the summer so my duty as bodyguard .. as she calls me .. were really kickin in hardcore .. she was so nervous .. ya know? .. and i am so proud of myself on this one .. i wasnt .. i had no fear or ANYTHING within me .. and to be honest .. i was actually HOPING for something to happen .. and u kno what? if u seen this girl .. u would look at me like .. "are you serious!?" .. uh huh .. like when she first messed wit me .. o god .. i was so held back && just like WHOA .. but now im like .. fuck it! .. but nothing happened cus "shes 18" .. but i did have a major staredown with her =) which is good when 2 ppl hate each other .. it lets em kno whats good .. the only bad thing is shes back in my friends life && my friend is dumb enough to talk to her .. :-\ and its worse then ya know 'regular' talking .. if you ONLY knew .. but yea .. i hope everything is cool .. but as far as my feelings towards her .. im not fearful .. and that makes me happy as hell!

and yea .. didnt do much this weekend .. nothing that i can remember ..

football yesterday of course .. and the emmys! .. o that was goood.. cus ya know .. ellen was hosting .. they didnt show her enough tho :( .. but she was funny .. and the beginning kicked ASS .. cus BLACK EYED PEAS! performed .. and ya kno me .. didnt expect it .. so like i screamed && looked for my remote which i didnt see .. so i got up && like RAN to the tv && hit record .. fergie was dancin all over the place *smiles* shes soo fyyyyne! .. and then they went from her right to ellen .. which is good for moii!

oh and i was on the amynet forums during the ppv .. waiting for caps of my amy .. and someone mentioned a live stream of the ppv via windows media player && they provided a link so u kno i was all on that .. and needless to say .. i streamed it LiVE on my comptuter! =O omg i did not kno u could do that!! but unfortunately of course.. it was AFTER lita was on :( which is unfortunate cus she was looking mighty scrumpious! AND um Matt .. twist of fate .. no .. just no ..

And John? Uhm .. i thought he dyed his hair? um .. i guess not ??


omg. totally hardcore happiness because AEROSMITH COMES TO TOWN ON NOVEMBER 23RD! =D =D =D =D =D guest starring lenny kravitz. but omg u dont even KNOW how much ive been DYING for the day they come back! and me && mom are DEFINITELY going! she was like "SHIT! shut off electricity cus i AM going to this with my daughter!!" 8) hAhA! :P

But yea, i am SO hardcore excited! AND im thinkin wrestling is due back in november too? oh god.. this is jus gonna be amazing

my giants are playing tonight! the special game theyre doing bc of how theyre playing the saints. so i am SOOOOOO pysched about seeing them on telly! cus i never do! all they ever show is the eagles.. ugh.. gag.. but i get to see my baby`boy JEREMY SHOCKEY! kickin MAJOR ass! :D

and then i get to watch my lita on Raw.

life is great huh? =)

i jus got the new raw mag with carlos on the cover. lookin mighty gorgeous! mhmm mhmm mhmm!

Random note of the day :: we play golf in gym .. and im actually surprisingly great in it! yes.. ima BEAST!! i kick ass! the teacher actually LIKED me today =O

that and .. the song lonely girl by pink .. my GAWD .. i LOVE it .. it is like my life theme song! totally much. all i do is listen to it. ESPECIALLY when im down in the dumps!

that and If you see him, if you see her .. o gosh .. i can bust MAJOR tears to that! oh wait, i did the other night! =X

but yea, this is long enough? i guess? ill get atchu laterssss!

l0V3 hUGS && SM00Ch3S! ♥ XxOoXx

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When i push u away.. is when i need you most.. [18 Sep 2005|08:11pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

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[15 Sep 2005|09:54pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

So. my eyes are soo tired. im gonna lay down soon. my cousin is gonna call me tho. i dunno when but as soon as she done homework. for the first time im probably gonna wanna hang up first!

i went to get my new bed! o gosh its so great. its huuuuuge! it can fit like 4 ppl AND mister pooh!l0l. ive got allt his room now *sigh* ima love it. i dunno if ima wanna get up tomorro :P

and it dun got no frame yet so its chillin on the floor all ghetto! l0l

but yea.

oh and i came home & there was a message from my brother on the answering machine.

gosh. i havent heard that voice in so long :-\

oh and we were movign my old bed into the other bedroom and my mom found a piece of cardboard type something (it used to be the lil brothers room) and its got all this stuff written on it. like "fuck you" and god is mentioned. and it says die like 40 times. can yu say CRAZY?! O.O

alright let me do this survey then im out..

l0V3 hugs && smoooches!

<333 mandy xxoo


im sucha loser all i ever do is surveys!Collapse )

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whatchu gon do wit all that junk? all that junk inside ur trunk.. [15 Sep 2005|05:33pm]
[ mood | crazy ]


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for the life of me, i cannot remember.. what made us think that we were wise & we never compromise.. [15 Sep 2005|04:43pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

ohmyeffingoshanotherone!=OCollapse )</3 it is better to have not loved at all. especially when it comes to this one experience in my life. 8. Sex or Money? depends 9. Love or Lust? i guess both? 10. What would be your first dance wedding song? idunno 11. ok, then what would be your funeral song? november rain 12. What would you like written on your tombstone? idunno 13. If you could do one thing over again, what would it be? how i handled a couple situations i guess 14. Crisps or Chocolate? ch0colate 15. One best friend or group of close friends? group. best friends dont exist. and they shouldnt 16. What superhero would you be? wonderwoman? l0l 17. Could you live without Myspace? i dunno. probably. 18. Describe yourself in 3 words? wrestling .. funny .. trustworthy 19. Describe your best mate in 3 words? wrestling .. sweet .. faithful .. trustful <~sorry i kno it was 3. but i hadda add one! 20. Ok last question. If you could bring one celebrity back from the dead to ask a question, what would it be and why? id ask how heaven is. and god.

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im alright.. im alright.. it only hurts when i breathe.. [15 Sep 2005|04:14pm]
[ mood | blah ]


last night i had a breakdown. i knew itd happen eventually. i jus broke down in tears and was ballin hardcore.

jess imed me & asked me wat was wrong & was talkin to me a lil bout it. that made me happy cus usually its jus like one response but she was tellin me i need to stop when i said im jus always upset and how i get happy and go back to sad jus like that.

and yea, i had a breakdown. and that was upsetting. i was jus thinkin back to the times i had with the baby and cryin more. and kept saying how i wanted to hold him in my arms and cried even more.

school was alright. bad because i was jus blah and upset all day. until 6th period, being funny with alyssa made me a lil better. then i went to pysch and saw jess in the hallway and i asked her how she was feeling cus she was upset last night. and i was like "ah we go thru it together!" and then in class i was alright. me & desiree interacted quite a bit. and then she friggin got text messages from the one person in this world who omg i cant believe she got em.. margaret. wtf. and she was in the middle of class trying to tell me about it. so like i was all readign her lips and i was like "what the fuck!!" ugh. then at the end i went over to her for a few minutes until class ended and she was givin me the details and i was jus like"ugh" shakin my head. like wtf. i swear to god if she starts talkin to her again.. i swear. simply that, i swear to god..

and yea friggin gym class. i cant fuckin stand it. the teacher is such a bitch. like i actually got dressed today. for the first time in my high school life. i did. be proud. and we do these stupid sucky warm ups and i actually did them today. and i jus didnt do the push ups thats it! and she comes over to me and starts bitching. "why arent u doing them?" "i did EVERYTHING ELSE. but these" "oh so u dont have areason? *marks it down*" like wtf. the highest grade we can get for a final if we dont do the warm ups but get dressed and do everything else is a 60. thats fuckin bullshit. i am so glad this is my last year jus for gym! i swear to god. it should be fucking banned from school. and if not, then we shouldnt have to fucking get dressed! i mean coem the fuck on!

and i THINK my aunt is going to get my bed tonight <3! yay! a big bedd finally! cus mister pooh takes up my WHOLE Bed all spread out! omgosh i couldnt even fal alseep last night and get comfy cus he was takin up THAT much room n he was upset with me cus i kept moving and left! l0l

and yea, i think thats about it.. heres some surveys.. took me a long ass time!!

l0V3 hugs && kisses <3
Mandy ♥ xXoO

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[14 Sep 2005|09:52pm]
[ mood | sad ]

The one passion that deeply burns in your soul is
to be kind! You're the softy, and sweet one out
of your group. You love to lend a helping hand
whenever you can, and enjoy the company of
others. Your lover can see how special and
fragile you are, and they treat you so
divinely, afraid that they might break your
innocent soul! You lover loves to spend
whatever time they have with you; whether it be
receiving a passionate kiss, or sitting down
and having an intelligent conversation...
They're just happy to have you by their side!
However, with this pure, innocent soul of yours
comes a price... People always seem to try and
take advantage over you, and you always end up
being hurt in the end. Learn to say no once in
awhile! You don't always have to be nice! But I
guess it's logical... Like the old saying goes,
Keep your friends close, but your enemies
closer! Keeping smiling your way through life
and spread the kindness :)

What Passion Burns In Your Soul?
brought to you by Quizilla

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u wanna go .. and as u open up the door u change ur mind .. im not something to leave behind [14 Sep 2005|07:45pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

nothing to say today. life sucks. =)

my ((older))brothers birthday is tomorrow. its gonna be a tough day for me :-\

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i still need her, and i still miss him more then ever.. i dunno y we let each other go.. [13 Sep 2005|09:42pm]
[ mood | okay ]

cusimcoollikethatCollapse )

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teehee! i stole it! [13 Sep 2005|05:35pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

janelle i stole ur survey! :D

teeheeCollapse )

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first time i seen ya i was like HALLELUJAH! gatagata GA DAMN i wanna do ya! [13 Sep 2005|04:58pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

School was.. school. long and boring. but it was alright. atleast i got to see my friends and be in class with them right? we did some problems in math. not much. gym sucks so bad. like i said im not in health with jessy and im not even with her now. wtf. so like im not gonna be with her all year. and i got this horrible gym teacher too. i hate her. and we play golf. ha. thats rediculous. english is alright. i have to finish writing this thing but i dun even know if im writing the right stuff. lunch is cool cus i was chillen with ashley jamie and danielle. me and danielle didnt go to lunch we jus stayed in study hall. ill prolly do that everyday.

current world issues. my friend LB is in there now. but it sucks. ugh. boring. anyway. i couldnt be an aide with jess in guidance so i sit in study hall all period with latoya and alyssa and erica and kia (but she wasnt there today =[) so thats fun! :0) and from there i stay with alyssa and go to intro to pysch. which is kinda very boring. but its good cus i got her and desiree. and i was telling des last night, i was like "yea i hate how the desk are set up. i gotta sit there and look at YOU. ugh." and she was like "ewww. bitch. i still love you tho!" l0l. but yea, and the girl in front of me was outt of my way a lot of the class so i WAS sittin there lookin at desiree. and i hate the feeling of ppl looking at me! l0l. but we kept givin each other looks. l0l. it was fun.

and then 8th period is yearbook. we didnt do nothin. i jus sat there n talked to LB. and she said her mom dont call me her friend cus i dont call her. im like ha. thats funny. cus i dun call neone. i dun even IM ppl. my thing is they call or IM me. if u wanna talk to me, YOu talk to me. i dun do the work. l0l. so i was like "yea, tell momma dukes i dun call ppl. only janelle cus thats another story." :0)

Ellen was gr8 today. lauren graham was on. shes the girl in bad santa. the fuck me santa girl! l0l! i love her. shes so cute! and ellen is SO hilarios. i swear. i could not live without her evryday!

and raw. o man. i did not expect it to be edge fightin show. so i like jumped a mile for the remote. and then they took FOREVER to come out so i screamed at the telly. teehee. and wow. lita. wow. her hair is SOO gorgeous lately. it was laying so pretty las night. i miss the jeans tho :( but still beautiful nonetheless.

and omg. the twist of fate.how fucking AMAZINGLY HOTT AS FUCK WAS THAT?! =O i was all jumpy jumpy! that was gorgeous. SHE is fuckin gorgeous.

and why did they cut from commericial to her wen i was NOT ready?! >.< omg that made me mad! and my record button is slow. ugh. but that was a good promo.*nods* i love that woman.

and trish. aaaaah. shes fucking awesome. i wasnt expecting it. so i was all happy i screamed a lot and thought about janelle.

and she looks awesome. her stomach is so hawt. its like perfect. thats what i go for *wink wink* l0l sike naw but seriously. and uhm all those other chicas. victoria torrie and candice *who uhm i dislike* OMG. they had the SEXXIEST MOTHER SUCKIN LEGS I HAVE EVER SEEN! i was jus starrin at their legs. their efffing gorgeous! i loooooooove the whole muscular curves.

seriously. i jus LOVE it. im jus loosing attraction to guys by the minute! l0l! but yea, MY taste goes as this. NO SKIN AND BONES! GOD NO! you MUST have the bone cut in the stomach. the triangle is hawt. and a little bit of ribs. mhmm sexxxy. and ABS! ABS! ABS! MUST have the bone cut muscularness! and legs. noooooo skin and bones either. GOTTTTTTS to have the muscle. the curves around the knees. mhmm. i LOVE it.

^^what was the point of that? l0l i dun even know! i jus got nothin better to do! :P

and why not share something i love very much with yall? ;D

FERGIE FERGS IN THE HOUSE! haha sorrrrry im jus lisnin to my peas! c(=


well i guess thats it for me.

tomorrow, i think ima wear my jeans and my new shirt that says bite me. its so cute. its got a mouth with lil fans. l0l. its hawt. i wonder what des gon say about it?c(=

^^^^RANDOMNESSSSSS! LOVE IT! not enough of it in my entrys nemore!

<3 Manda ♥ xXoO

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give me a whisper.. give me a sigh.. give me a kiss b4 u tell me goodbye.. [12 Sep 2005|06:41pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Aunt flow sucks. majorly! i missed the 3rd day of school. how ghetto is that?! l0l. i swear.

but. i gotta go to the coochie doctor in november. lmao. oh wow. now u kno i gotta problem openin up my legs for peoples! l0l. that shallbe fun. goin on the pill and i aint even sexually active! l0l. what the hell.

ima sit here with this heatin pad on my belly. and its hot in here. l0l. but i been having this on for like 24 hours! ha. i even slept with it.

if theres one thing in the world i dislike it is uncomfortable stomachs. specially cus im meaty. omg it drives me NUTS. and my stomach is even puffier and more bloady today =( that doesnt make me feel too good.

i hope my stomach is okay tomorrow morning cus i wanna wear this new outfit i got. yea i went to target on satruday and i HATE shopping. im not a good shopper at all. cus i get like highly irritated and hot and bothered. but i got a few outfits. these pant/jacket sets. different colors. i could have more but they didnt havea smaller size in 2 of the colors :( so momma dukes gotta check back.

but i got this CUUUUUUUTE outfit. its a dark pink jacket/pant set. and its all tight and hawtness. and i wanna rock it so bad. and its all good cus school is mad cold neway! *nods*

and ima wear my white guns n roses tank top under it. zippered up halfway. ah its gonna be spiffylicious!

soo hmm maybe hopefully tomorrow.

i like how i LOVE red bull but i never drink it! :( surely not as much as des & jes does :( no fair!

Lets make loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. l0l i love this song. by faith hill and tim mcgraw. i hadnt heard it in forever. and des jus typed lets make loveeeeee all night longggggggggggg to me so i was like WHOA I NEEDA LISTEN! l0l. and yup. its so good. i love country. and i love punk rockish stuff. and i REALLY love rockin out. so i listen to allt hat like way more then i do rap. uh huh.

i wish i lived soemwhere else. like not near philly eagles territory. cus i LOVE football but i hate the eagles. and i wanna go to a home game but i cant cus its eagles. ew. my dream is to like go to NY and go to a Giants home game. omg. thatd be AMAZING. ima do that next year. i love the giants. im so decked out in them. and they KICKED ASS yesterday! like 42 to something! whoa yea! jeremy shockey *sigh* <333

ouch. this heat is burnin the shit outta me! i seriously have burn marks on my belly! l0l.

black eyed peas are so effing godly. i was at target and i saw their cd and i got it. cus one i love them. and two i feel bad for downloading all the time l0l. and yea the cd rocks hardcore. i LOOOOOOOOVERS me my fergie!! :D :D :D

raw is on tonight. whoa. im eeekcited. i wonder whats goin downnnn? im so out of touch with it all lately :( i havent watched smackdown in THREE weeks :( :( :( i feel soo bad and stupid. and i forgot about this past week. and i was gonan watch it too :(

so on saturday i went to W`D fun day. and i saw the fireworks. i hjave never seen so many fireworks in my lifetime.

and at the end when we was all walkin out i saw my aunt. and lil cousin and my other cousin so i ran up to them. and its the aunt who my family is having all these problems with. and she gave me a ride home. ah that was weird :-\ i HATE family issues! especially in my family cus its not sposed to be like that. not my family no way.

my uncle is giving me his old bed. its a queen size. oh shit. thats gonna be effing HAWTNESS x10.

ima have this big ol bed! so me & mister pooh can like stretch out! l0l. cus he hogs the bed like WHOA.

and both my dressers are moved out into the loft now. so i got all this space. o man my roomSSSSS are looking sooo cute! specially in here. i brought up this wooden stand thing with 3 shelves for my stereo. and its small and cute. and i put the stereo itself on the second shelf and the speakers on the bottum. and on the top i put picture frames. it is soo cute. and i put pictures up down the front. i got my dog frame with boo`boo in it. i got a frame that says friends on it and i printed out the pics of me & des & me & jes and put those in there. and i got the frame with the picture of john and i that he signed and i got a frame with JANELLLLLES picture! :D its so cute x10!

i FINALLY got ink so i can finally put up pictures of lita. but i only got color. and a lot of her outfits are black so i cant really print em :( same with carlito. his hair. jus aint gon work. so i cant print out ne of his either :( im runnin out of room. i needa rearrange for when i can print out carlos. cus he deff needs a section!*nods*

Tommy lee was on ellen today. o man. hes a hawtie. and he sang his song. i love it. and ellen is so hilarious. she was askin bout his tattoos and she pulled her sleeves up and she had all these painted on tattoos all voer her arm! lmao i was hardcore laughing. i love that woman so much.

i guess my older brother called my dad yesterday. to say happy birthday. and my dad asked him what hes done to get the kids back and he said nothing cus they want him to go to all thse classes n shit but "he dont got the money" my dad was like "hey asshole, they want u to go thru all this they PAY for it." so yea he hasnt talked to the social service workers soooo his rights are probably being terminated right now :D

which is good. cus my nephews and niece are so much better off without him. my mom is sending a fax to them saying that if the foster ppl of andrew arent in it for long term then before he gets tossed from home to home, she will fly down & get him.

i dunno hwo to feel knowing that i might never ever see him again...

i cannot wait till aerosmith comes back. omg. im soo going to the concert. i flippin LOVE them! 8) ima rock out hardcore!


wow this is a long ass entry!?

ima be done now!

with love hugs and kisses! MWAH! xXoOo

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uh huh... [12 Sep 2005|12:13am]
[ mood | crappy ]

this the way i like it..Collapse )

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its that time again.. [12 Sep 2005|12:03am]
[ mood | sick ]

time for another survey...

i dun feel good at all! aunt flow chose the WORST time to visit. and my stomach is just so ugh right now.

its midnight. i should be sleeping. but im jus soo uncomfortable. and schools tomorrow. oh great.


survey hereCollapse )

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never forget .. always remember [11 Sep 2005|06:20pm]

I just wanted to take some time to remember the victims of 9`11. I cant believe its been 4 years. I really cant.

never forget...Collapse )

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ga ta ga ta ga DAMN i wanna do ya! [10 Sep 2005|10:03pm]
[ mood | tired ]

whoaCollapse )

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here i am, once again.. im torn into pieces [10 Sep 2005|02:33pm]
[ mood | okay ]

okay well my friends came over last night. i got on the computer and jess IMed me asking if her and ashley could come over. i didnt really want no one over but whatever, i always over think things then end up having fun.

they got her at like 9:20 cus her dad wouldnt get his ass home! and they came up to my room for a lil while n we was all talkin n they was cherpin this boy & we ended up walkin up to mcdonalds. and we was there for a long ass time. their was a boy n girl there that they knew so they was talkin n then i got a powerade and some fries. and we went outside n this girl Yvette was walkin up broad st wit her friend lauren. and so we were walkin the boy they knew halfway home n met up wit those girls.

then we was jus taken forever. and we came back to mcdonalds for awhile then the boy they was cherpin earlier got there with his girlfriend. n i saw that my mom had called me & said if i was walkin i better be walkin my ass this way which was home. and so i was like YO! we gotta go. and like they aint listen.

and i was standin there wit this girl yvette and they was all fuckin round wit the boy n girl that came n i was gettin all pissed off. n like 10 minutes later ashley was like do u have to go home?

i was like uhm like 10 minutes ago. sooo like 11:30 we finally start walkin home.

and we got here and went up to the room & was jus chillen and ashley started video taping all this stuff. it was crazy funny.

then i was like eff this im tired. so it was "lights out" as me & jess was sayin c(=

and then today we got up at like 11:45 & jess was on the computer & ash was video tapin shit. like meactin crazy n dancin lol. i cant wait to see that its prolly gonn make me mad and/or upset cus i prolly like like shit.

and they jus left a lil while ago to go home & shower cus its West Deptford Day today and theyre going. i dunno if i am. im trynna go to mky aunts house still! and we definitelygoin up today sooo i gotta get my ass in gear!

thats it for me loves

with love hugs n kisses,
<3 baby`cakes ♥ xXoO

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survey number dos [10 Sep 2005|02:17pm]
[ mood | blank ]

youre my angel.. come & save me tonightCollapse )

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