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she got eyes of the bluest skies..

quite a few things...

This Or That
: Ben or Matt: lets say.. neither?
:: Orlando or Johnny: i guess johnny
:: Spice Girls or Dream: SPICE GIRLS!! MY LOVERS!! ♥
:: Pepsi or Coke: coca`cola :0)
:: Blonde or Brunette: mhHmm.. they both hella good.
:: Blue eyes or Brown eyes: Blue.
:: Vanilla or Chocolate: vaneller.
:: Dogs or Cats: woof woof.
:: Christina or Britney: X`tina. definitely the better singer.
:: Lip-stick or Lip-gloss: shiine.
:: Rock or Rap: rock.
:: Prep or Punk: punk.
:: Pink or Purple: Pink.
:: Local place or Starbucks: uhHm. neither thanks.
:: Tv or Computer: Computer.
:: CDs or Radio: l0vers em both.
:: Spanish or French: Spanish is sexy.
:: Brad Pitt or Mel Gibson: idunno..
:: Basketball or Baseball: Basketball.
:: Apples or Oranges: Apples!!!wink wink!!
:: 1/2 Full or 1/2 Empty: 1/2 Full.
:: Morning or Night: Night.
:: Chicken or Turkey: Chicken. turkey is uck.
:: Salmon or Tuna: Tuna.
:: Poser or Poseur: uhm...
:: Freedom or Stability: Freedom.
:: Cheese It or Cheese Nips: uhmm.
:: Birds or Bees: Birds.
:: Rollercoasters or Waterrides: Rollercoasters.
:: AOL or AIM: AIM.
:: Drugs or Liquor: Neither.
:: Gold or Silver: Silver.
:: Nike or Adidas: Adidas.
:: 80s or 90s: 90s
:: Preschool or Kindergarden: uhmm.
:: Cubed or Crushed: Crushed. so theyre lil && i can like eat them as they come into my mouth? lol
:: VH1 or MTV: mtv sucks now adays.
:: Truth or Dare: Truth.
:: Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings: they both suck nads.
:: Pen or Pencil: Pen. unless its like a mechanical pencil duude
:: Peppermint or Wintergreen: Neither.
:: East Coast or West Coast: east
:: North or South: South.
:: Pedicure or Manicure: Manicure.
:: Target or Kmart: attention kmart shoppers! AhA! siike naw but i like target. target doggggg.
:: Top or Bottom: mhHmm.
:: Hug or Kiss: both x`s && 0`s.
:: Forks or Spoons: Spoons.
:: Cubs or Sox: Sox.
:: Cake or Pie: Cake.
:: Rain or Snow: depends.
:: Fall or Autumn: Fall.
:: Winter or Summer: Summer.
:: Swim or Float: Float. bitch i CANT swim!! i can only doggy paddle that shit up mayneee! 8)
:: Walk or Run: i love the feeling of running. i jus cant do much. ha :P
:: Beach or Mountains: Beach.
:: City or Suburbs: City.
:: Love or Lust: Love
:: Carmel or Car-a-mel: Carmel.
:: Stars or Moons: Stars.
:: N*sync or BSB: BSB
:: Car or Truck: truck. i can fit in those ;D
:: 7th Heaven or Everwood: neitherrr
:: VHS or DVD: DVD. things are SOOmuch easier!
:: Skip-it or Hopscotch: uhmm.
:: Fish or Birds: fish.
:: Shoes or Sandals: sandals.
:: Cough or Sneeze: Sneeze.
:: Bath or Shower: Shower.
:: Stairs or Evevator: stairs. elevators always get me thinkin!!
:: Yes or No: Yes. hearing no sucks.
:: Jelly-filled or Cream-filled: cream.
:: Loud or Soft: louderrrrrr. ha. i dunno nor do i care.
:: Sister or Brother: Sister. ive got bad bad luck with brothers.
:: Michael Jordan or Dennis Rodman: Air Jordan!! =)
:: Nick or Disney: Disney.
:: Fun or Boring: Fun.
:: Ohio or Pennsylvania: Pennsylvannia.
::New York or California: California.
::Nevada or Utah: uhmm
::Idaho or Maine: I-DA-HO! bitchesss! get it straight!! ;D


Name 10 People/Places/Things/etc you find overrated

1. school
2. The OC
3. HHH
4. Harry Potter
5. matt hardy. no one loved him b4 it was "poor matt" right? yea thats what i thought.
6. Ric Flair
7. sex


So...apparently you shuffle some songs, and the songs you get, you put down for an answer. Some people's seem like they were cheating, so...we'll see.

((hope i do this right...))

1) What's my mood like right now?
>>"i heard it thru the grapevine" -- lol wow? interesting?

2) How's tomorrow going to be for me?
>>"gone going" -- black eyed peas -- "gone going gone.." thats.. creepy.. lol

3) What kind of person am I?
>>"amazed" -- lonestar -- awwwhh!! i lOVE this song.. "every little thing that you do .. baby im amazed by you.." i guess thats how ppl feel about me? GOSh thatd be awesome!! ♥

4) Am I loved?
>>"Candy shop" -- L0L! thats funny. i guess ppl wanna take me to the candy shop? ;P

5) How can I acheive my highest potential?
>>"if u cant dance" -- spice girls -- what the eff? lol. i dun understand that one..

6) What should I do with my life?
>>"i want you to want me" -- cheap trick -- hmm.. this ones interesting.. i guess do something where ppl want me? OH MY GOSH. its ME singing I WANT YOU TO WANT ME.. so its like im singing to the wrestling ppl who could hire me?! aah. thats crazyness!

7) Is everything really going to be alright in the end?
>>"still tippin" -- paul wall && mike jones -- lol thats weird. i guess it is then huh? cus ill still be tippin!! or still livin good? lol i dunno!

8) What is my best quality?
>> hey its undertaker && kanes theme songs put together!! -- lol keep rollin rollin rollin..? i guess my best quality is that whatever happens, i keep on rollin..

9) How does my sex life look?
>> Stephanie McMahons theme.. all grown up.. wtf.. lol..i dunno about this one..i guess thats good?

10) What's the meaning of life?
>> "here we go" -- trina && kelly rowland -- hmmm.. this is like a break up song.. so i dunno..

11) What do people think of me?
>> "im so excited" -- pointer sisters -- lol i guess i get ppl SOOO excited when they think of me?! :D

12) Would I make a good lover?
>> "cus im your lady" -- celiene dion -- now thats juss FREAKY!! =O

13) How crazy am I?
>> "When the sand runs out" -- rascall flats -- hmmm.. lol this is a mellow song..

14) Will I have a good life in general?
>> "sweet child of mine" -- guns n` roses -- Hmmm.. i dunno about this one.. im thinkin its a positive for a very good life? =)

that reminded me of what ashlee simpson did on the first season of her show. when she was sittin inher car askin random questions && the answers? well they came from the radio when she searched for a new station. i do that from time to time.. :X


i have have a girlfriend/boyfriend
i like pink
i have wavy hair
i have a book on my nightstand
i listen to billy joel
i comb my hair (and brush)
i've seen all the lord of the rings movies
i'm a hopeless romantic
i can swim
i've been fishing
i've been to europe
i'm in college
i want to go to college
i own a lava lamp
i wish i was a pirate
i believe in love
i have red hair
i say the pledge of allegiance at least 4 times a week
i have made a pizza
i've never taken any illegal drugs
i smoke
i wish i could fly
i'm on the phone right now
there is snow outside right now
i own more videos than dvds
i wear glasses
i've seen at least 3 broadway plays
i can do a cartwheel
i've listened to music today
i wish i had a twin
i am an only child ((FULL siblings. i have HALf..))
i have a rug in my room
sometimes i feel like no one exists but me
i still jump on my bed sometimes (not up and down, but sometimes I do jump onto it)
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