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i spit in the face .. of ppl .. who dont want to be cool ..

~*~ Layer One - You ~*~
* you: i lovers me
* Middle name: marie
* Birth time: 9 pm sharp
* Birthplace: wooodbury
* Eye Color: hazel
* Height: 6`
* Zodiac Sign: leo

~*~ Layer two - describe ~*~
* Your hair: medium length. dark. highlites.

~*~ Layer Three - what is ~*~
* Your most overused phrase on icq: uhHm.. yea..
* Your bedtime: whenever I'm tired

~*~ Layer Four - you prefer ~*~
* Planes or trains: i dunno
* Boxers or briefs: boxers

~*~ Layer Five - do you ~*~
* Do you think you've been in love: cheyurp
* Type w/ your fingers on homerow: no
* Play an instrument: no
* Like reading: yea ,.. its allright

~*~ Layer Six - favorite ~*~
* Body part: stomach
* Kind of fruit: hmm.. i dunno
* Car: escalade
* Number: 28
* Thing to do: hang out with my amigos <3
* Colors: black and pink

~*~ Layer Eight - the future ~*~
* Age you hope to be married: hmm.. im sayin 20s or 30s? never know whats gon happen
* How do you want to die: i wish i didnt have to!! :( but peacefully painlessly in my sleep
* What do you want to be when you grow up: a professional wrestler thru && thru. till the day i cannot do it anymore.
* What country would you most like to visit: Australia

Name: Amanda
Age: 17
Sex: female
Star sign: leo
B’day: 7/28/88

Hair color: dark brown.. random highlites
Eye color: hazel
Height: 6`

School: senior citizen lol
Fave subject: uhmm.. i dun even kno
Worst subject: science

People You Know...
Quietest: my friend Lisa Brown`brown
Shyest: ^^
Best hair: Jes Matteo
Best handwriting: Janelle cus i lovers her letters! :D

Do you…
Believe in god: yes x3
Like to travel: yea its spiffy
Ever have the falling dream: ? hMm? i guess?
Have stuffed animals: yeaa i lovers them!!
Believe in magic: uhmm.. i dun even no
Do your own laundry: hell naw man i am spoiled 8)
Clean your house: yea when momma dukes asks me to <3
Have a job: not currently
Wear make-up: yep
Wear glasses: when i watch the telly in bed cus im blurry a bit && i needa see clear!! gotta see the sexiness of the ppl like uhm Li`Li! :D
Have any peircings: each ear is pierced once .. want my nose && tongue .. the nose a possiblity .. the tongue? not with my momma :(
Know the national anthem: yes
Talk to your pets: yes!
Snore: ive heard i do. i dun wanan tho!

TV shows: WWE Raw, ellen, smackdown, roseanne, lost!, nanny, strong medicine. etc.
Male singer: Steven Tyler
Female singer: FERGIE FERGIE FERGIE1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Song: "November rain" guns n` roses
Website: myspace.com
Music Video: november rain
Soda: mt dew && coca`cola
Ice cream: jus classic breyers choc && nella
Holiday: x`mas
Thing to do in winter: enjoy the snow fall. its so pretty but yet annoying
Thing to do in summer: have fun!!
Thing to do on weekends: relax. watch football. hang out with the amigos <3
Dream vacation spot: North Carolina <33
Color: black and Pink
Place to be alone: my room. its my sancuary!
Kind of house: big beautiful one on the beach x3
Kind of occupation: professional`wrestler <333

Are you straight, gay, or bi: bi
What are some of your pet peeves: mhHm.. i dunno.. dun got time to get into alla that
Do you want children in the future: maybe so
Do you want to get married: maybe so
Are you right or left handed: right handed
What posters do you have on your walls: oh god.. do u wanna be here all day?=O

This Or That...
Drive/Walk: i like walking but gotta love gettin there quicker in the car.
Blue eyes/Brown eyes: blue eyes. brown to an extent but MUST be a LIGHT brown.
Top/Bottom: mHhm.. tough one..
Chocolate/Vanilla: vanilla.. deff
Cat/Dog: dog
Coke/Pepsi: coke
Mom/Dad: madre
Gold/Silver: Silver
CD's/Cassettes: CD's
Sun/Moon: sun
Plane/Boat: boat
Early bird/Night owl: both
Yellow/Blue: blue

About Guys...
What do you look for in a guy: personality. not a typical asshole.
Good boys/bad boys: i like em good but they gotts to have the rebel side. like me. chuu kno! :D
Long hair/short hair on a guy: between?
Older or younger guys: older.. deff older
Do u have a bf: no.
Fave hair color on a guy: brown
What's the most you've done with a guy: make out sessions here && there.

Are you…
Gay: not quite..
Bi: ..yessirr but guys suck =)
Lesbo: :x haha. siike..
Straight: nope not by a LONG shot!
Evil: most certainly NOT!
Good: yea
Single: yessirr. lovin it.
Taken: no ma`am
Immature: i can be.
Quiet: yea pretty much
Loud: oh man.. the times the times the times!

When Was The Last Time You...
Left your house: today. leaving for school && going outside for the dogs/rabbit.
Slept: last night. im bout to take a lil nap tho 8)
Ate something: ate a lil somethin somethin when i got home from school. 230ish
Showered: got in at liek 2:50.. couple hours ago.. cus i felt crummy.
Ate ice cream: mHhm.. thats what i had a lil of when i got home
Kissed someone: well, i dunno, but im always kissing my dogs =)
Cried: few days ago i guess? almost cried lass night tho cus at the vet, a couple brought in their dog to be put to sleep.. and my god, it was so heartbreaking.
Drank grape juice: uhm.. i dun ever recall
Went to the doctor: lass night we took mister pooh to the docty doc.
Got grounded: never

Who Is The Last Person You...
Talked to: mother on the phone
Kissed: mister pooh =)
Said I love you to: mhHmm.. the doggys :0)
Had a crush on: i stay crushin 8)
Punched: uhm.. i dun remember
Hugged: the duggiesss!
Went out with: not like dating.. but i went out lass night with ashley.. she came over && we walked to mcdonalds && then the vet.

Are You...
Understanding: yes
Mean: when i wanna be
Nice: very =)
Open minded: surely
Insecure: a tad
Talkative: so/so. it depends. i do talk a lot tho. most of the time.
Trust worthy: yes, one of the very best qualities =)
Interesting: yessirrr
Moody: eh.. not really? it depends.
Organized: yes
Messy: nope

In The Past 24 Hours Have You...
Had a serious talk: mhHm. kinda sorda?
Cut your hair: nope
Talked to someone you love: yes. everyday =)
Been dumped/asked out: nope
Kissed someone: nope
Broken the law: nope
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