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..running thru my head..

okay so lass night i came downstairs during wrestling && was like "ughh my night is ruined!! cus i didnt see my woman!!" and my mom was like "oh yea did u tell ur dad what you are?"

and i started crackin up.. i came outta the kitchen all serious like "dad.. im bisexual.."

o man it was crazy funny.

and then today my dad && me went to mcdonalds cus i decided to be fat =) and he was like "now what were u saying u were last night?"

i started crackin up.. i was like "..gay.." l0l. and he was like "the one wit the bigg titties?!" omg i started laughin my ass off! hes liek "thats the one u playin wit?" omg it was hilarious! :x

and i jus had a convo with my mom. its so great. im so happy i can be me now && not have to worry about it. cus she was like "So did u decide ur jus gonna be totally gay now?" and i laughed, i didnt really have an answer and then we started talkin about sexx && stuff && she goes "damn u should be a porn star!" l0l she said ima have the best of both worlds :P and she said somethin about me never betraying her again && sharing things with her so i thought about it for a second && said u kno what.. "mom, arent u gonna ask me if i ever liked nebody?" and she said "who do u like?" and so i told her about my crush last year with the infamous senior. and i showed her a picture and everything. aww man it was SO weird sharing that with her.. cus thats been so deep down bottled up inside of me for quite some time.. u kno? but im jus so happy now.. :)

so yea about raw. i barely paid attention cus i was on the computer talking with the amigas. and i was doing so horribly with remote. seriously. id like to say it was me but i dunno the remote was acting up. like i really thought i hit record or pause or stop when most of the time i realized i never did.. hmmm.. and this is my fault on this one but i forgot to record again after the last commericial of carlitos match :( thats dookie.

and lita not being on there? oh gosh. that sucks!! i was so upset! they cant be doing that shit to me!

but i guess seeing all those so sexy girls.. MISS TRISH!.. made up for it.. o. my.god. she is so irresistable! i could jus.. yea.. l0l anyway..

All the things she said jus came on. omg. this song does stuff to me! like hyperness!

omg i am finally HAPPY. yes thats right HAPPY. all because nxt april I my friends am going to North Carolina to spend a week with my bestest friend whom i love with all of my heart && soul!! =) =)

i am so excited. i cant wait. i swear to you. i cant.

so school was interesting. yes. very.

i dun feel like writing nemore. cus i wanna sing! & i cant multitask! =)

l0V3 hUGS && kiSS3S ♥ Xx0o0xX
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