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i still need her, and i still miss him more then ever.. i dunno y we let each other go..

yup and ima do em both. 8)

LADIES DO THIS ONE; guys, yours is at the bottom. Turned ON or OFF when a guy:

rides a skateboard: off
dresses like a baller: on
dresses like a surfer: off
dresses in all black: on
plays a musical instrument: on if its like drums or guitar.
is skinnier than you: on.
is shorter than you: off.
is taller than you: on.
has chapped lips: off.
has green eyes: on.
has blue eyes: on
has brown eyes: on
has long hair: on.
drinks alcohol: off.
smokes pot: off.
has brown hair: on
has a tan: on
works out: on.
Smiles a lot: on.
calls you just to say hi: on.
compliments you: on.
has facial hair: off.
wears cologne: on.
smiles when you walk into the room: on.
Is spontaneous: on.
Virgin: i dun effing care.. cus ya kno a virgin guy is rare.
Loyal: on.
Laid back: on.
Partys a lot: off.
laughs a lot: on.
believes in love at first sight/fate: on.
wants to be alone with you: on


dresses like a slut: On ;)
dresses like a grandma: off
dresses like a prep: on
dresses in all black: on.
doesn't care what she wears: on
plays a musical instrument: on
is skinnier than you: on
is bigger than you: off
is taller than you: off
has straight teeth: on
wears braces: off
has chapped lips: off
has green eyes: on
has blue eyes: on
has brown eyes: depends
has long hair: on
has short hair: not TOO short damn
drinks alcohol: off
smokes cigarettes: off
smokes pot: off
wears glasses: black trim glasses are hawt
has blonde hair: on
has brown hair: on
has black hair: on
is tan: on
works out: on
smiles more than not: on
calls you just to say HI: on
smacks your butt: l0l. uhm. no
compliments you: on
shaves her legs: onnnnn. body hair is uckkkk
wears jewelry: on
has bigger feet than you: off
has smaller feet than you: on
wears perfume: on
smiles when you walk into the room: on
wants to be a mom: humm..
Has a nice stomach: onnn
Belly percing: on
Virgin: thats rare too
Loyal: on
Laid back: on
Doesnt party a lot: on
laughs a lot: on
doesnt care about wat ppl think about her : on
believes in love at first sight/fate: on
gaged ears: OFFF!
talkative: depends
rich: whatever/
has a booty: haha :P on!
has nice boobs: on
is white/caucasian: onnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!no roast beef thanks! :D
asian: off.. ughh
latina: on. theyre perty
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