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give me a whisper.. give me a sigh.. give me a kiss b4 u tell me goodbye..

Aunt flow sucks. majorly! i missed the 3rd day of school. how ghetto is that?! l0l. i swear.

but. i gotta go to the coochie doctor in november. lmao. oh wow. now u kno i gotta problem openin up my legs for peoples! l0l. that shallbe fun. goin on the pill and i aint even sexually active! l0l. what the hell.

ima sit here with this heatin pad on my belly. and its hot in here. l0l. but i been having this on for like 24 hours! ha. i even slept with it.

if theres one thing in the world i dislike it is uncomfortable stomachs. specially cus im meaty. omg it drives me NUTS. and my stomach is even puffier and more bloady today =( that doesnt make me feel too good.

i hope my stomach is okay tomorrow morning cus i wanna wear this new outfit i got. yea i went to target on satruday and i HATE shopping. im not a good shopper at all. cus i get like highly irritated and hot and bothered. but i got a few outfits. these pant/jacket sets. different colors. i could have more but they didnt havea smaller size in 2 of the colors :( so momma dukes gotta check back.

but i got this CUUUUUUUTE outfit. its a dark pink jacket/pant set. and its all tight and hawtness. and i wanna rock it so bad. and its all good cus school is mad cold neway! *nods*

and ima wear my white guns n roses tank top under it. zippered up halfway. ah its gonna be spiffylicious!

soo hmm maybe hopefully tomorrow.

i like how i LOVE red bull but i never drink it! :( surely not as much as des & jes does :( no fair!

Lets make loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. l0l i love this song. by faith hill and tim mcgraw. i hadnt heard it in forever. and des jus typed lets make loveeeeee all night longggggggggggg to me so i was like WHOA I NEEDA LISTEN! l0l. and yup. its so good. i love country. and i love punk rockish stuff. and i REALLY love rockin out. so i listen to allt hat like way more then i do rap. uh huh.

i wish i lived soemwhere else. like not near philly eagles territory. cus i LOVE football but i hate the eagles. and i wanna go to a home game but i cant cus its eagles. ew. my dream is to like go to NY and go to a Giants home game. omg. thatd be AMAZING. ima do that next year. i love the giants. im so decked out in them. and they KICKED ASS yesterday! like 42 to something! whoa yea! jeremy shockey *sigh* <333

ouch. this heat is burnin the shit outta me! i seriously have burn marks on my belly! l0l.

black eyed peas are so effing godly. i was at target and i saw their cd and i got it. cus one i love them. and two i feel bad for downloading all the time l0l. and yea the cd rocks hardcore. i LOOOOOOOOVERS me my fergie!! :D :D :D

raw is on tonight. whoa. im eeekcited. i wonder whats goin downnnn? im so out of touch with it all lately :( i havent watched smackdown in THREE weeks :( :( :( i feel soo bad and stupid. and i forgot about this past week. and i was gonan watch it too :(

so on saturday i went to W`D fun day. and i saw the fireworks. i hjave never seen so many fireworks in my lifetime.

and at the end when we was all walkin out i saw my aunt. and lil cousin and my other cousin so i ran up to them. and its the aunt who my family is having all these problems with. and she gave me a ride home. ah that was weird :-\ i HATE family issues! especially in my family cus its not sposed to be like that. not my family no way.

my uncle is giving me his old bed. its a queen size. oh shit. thats gonna be effing HAWTNESS x10.

ima have this big ol bed! so me & mister pooh can like stretch out! l0l. cus he hogs the bed like WHOA.

and both my dressers are moved out into the loft now. so i got all this space. o man my roomSSSSS are looking sooo cute! specially in here. i brought up this wooden stand thing with 3 shelves for my stereo. and its small and cute. and i put the stereo itself on the second shelf and the speakers on the bottum. and on the top i put picture frames. it is soo cute. and i put pictures up down the front. i got my dog frame with boo`boo in it. i got a frame that says friends on it and i printed out the pics of me & des & me & jes and put those in there. and i got the frame with the picture of john and i that he signed and i got a frame with JANELLLLLES picture! :D its so cute x10!

i FINALLY got ink so i can finally put up pictures of lita. but i only got color. and a lot of her outfits are black so i cant really print em :( same with carlito. his hair. jus aint gon work. so i cant print out ne of his either :( im runnin out of room. i needa rearrange for when i can print out carlos. cus he deff needs a section!*nods*

Tommy lee was on ellen today. o man. hes a hawtie. and he sang his song. i love it. and ellen is so hilarious. she was askin bout his tattoos and she pulled her sleeves up and she had all these painted on tattoos all voer her arm! lmao i was hardcore laughing. i love that woman so much.

i guess my older brother called my dad yesterday. to say happy birthday. and my dad asked him what hes done to get the kids back and he said nothing cus they want him to go to all thse classes n shit but "he dont got the money" my dad was like "hey asshole, they want u to go thru all this they PAY for it." so yea he hasnt talked to the social service workers soooo his rights are probably being terminated right now :D

which is good. cus my nephews and niece are so much better off without him. my mom is sending a fax to them saying that if the foster ppl of andrew arent in it for long term then before he gets tossed from home to home, she will fly down & get him.

i dunno hwo to feel knowing that i might never ever see him again...

i cannot wait till aerosmith comes back. omg. im soo going to the concert. i flippin LOVE them! 8) ima rock out hardcore!


wow this is a long ass entry!?

ima be done now!

with love hugs and kisses! MWAH! xXoOo

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