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here i am, once again.. im torn into pieces

okay well my friends came over last night. i got on the computer and jess IMed me asking if her and ashley could come over. i didnt really want no one over but whatever, i always over think things then end up having fun.

they got her at like 9:20 cus her dad wouldnt get his ass home! and they came up to my room for a lil while n we was all talkin n they was cherpin this boy & we ended up walkin up to mcdonalds. and we was there for a long ass time. their was a boy n girl there that they knew so they was talkin n then i got a powerade and some fries. and we went outside n this girl Yvette was walkin up broad st wit her friend lauren. and so we were walkin the boy they knew halfway home n met up wit those girls.

then we was jus taken forever. and we came back to mcdonalds for awhile then the boy they was cherpin earlier got there with his girlfriend. n i saw that my mom had called me & said if i was walkin i better be walkin my ass this way which was home. and so i was like YO! we gotta go. and like they aint listen.

and i was standin there wit this girl yvette and they was all fuckin round wit the boy n girl that came n i was gettin all pissed off. n like 10 minutes later ashley was like do u have to go home?

i was like uhm like 10 minutes ago. sooo like 11:30 we finally start walkin home.

and we got here and went up to the room & was jus chillen and ashley started video taping all this stuff. it was crazy funny.

then i was like eff this im tired. so it was "lights out" as me & jess was sayin c(=

and then today we got up at like 11:45 & jess was on the computer & ash was video tapin shit. like meactin crazy n dancin lol. i cant wait to see that its prolly gonn make me mad and/or upset cus i prolly like like shit.

and they jus left a lil while ago to go home & shower cus its West Deptford Day today and theyre going. i dunno if i am. im trynna go to mky aunts house still! and we definitelygoin up today sooo i gotta get my ass in gear!

thats it for me loves

with love hugs n kisses,
<3 baby`cakes ♥ xXoO
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